Select the motherboard which is most suited to your design. There are motherboards focused on hardware development, on software, or you can even select the PCB to fit your product. Do you have a PCB designed and you want to add socket to take advantage of all the power who the modularity offers? In our Wiki, you can find all the gerbers data, schematics and files for your projects.

Class 1

Is the kind of PCB that allows you to connect a Core and Modules. High-end processors and multimedia functionalities.

Another Class 1 boards:

Class 2

Is the kind of PCB that allows you connect Modules. Use it as standalone PCB with the "Master", building small and versatile multifunctional devices.

Another Class 2 boards:

Class 3

That allows you connect to other systems. This class of PCB is compatible with other systems in the market, like Arduino, Raspberry, etc.

Another Class 3 boards: