Debian OS rootfs generation


With this process you can build a Debian OS rootfs. After that, you can copy this rootfs to rewrite the rootfs partition of your device.

Build process

First of all you will need the sourcecode for building. With this command you will clone all the sources to your PC.

git clone 

Now, you need to go to the working directory

cd Debian_OS_Script

Executing this script, your system will download and install all the prerequisites. After that will generate the rootfs automatically.

sudo ./

You will see a popup menu with blue background asking to you con configure a few options. Configure as you like.

You will see a prompt with this text. Yo will need to establish a new password for root user. Insert it.

Enter new UNIX password

When the process finishes, you can obtain the output files at


These are the files that you need to flash to the rootfs partition of your device.