Fast Boot SO for (proof of concept)


This is a proof of concept SO that is capable of boot in about 5 seconds. When boot process is completed, the system shows a graphics test for demo purposes.


1. This package contains rhomb.tgz file in relases. Download this file using below command.


2. Extract that package using below commonad.

  sudo tar -zxf rhomb.tgz

3. You will find "rhomb.img" file. 4. Now take your SD card. 5. Delete partitions on SD card. 6. Insert SD card in your machine. 7. Apply below command.

  sudo dd if=rhomb.img of=/dev/<sd_device> bs=1M conv=fsync
  sudo dd if=rhomb.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M conv=fsync

8. Insert SD card in board. Set board in SD boot mode. 9. After power on stop board at u-boot prompt. And apply below command.

  setenv bootdelay 0

10. Now again poweroff and power on board again. It will boot withing 5 second

   maximum with QT demo running on boot. 
   Good luck!