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" Modules

Find all the information about more than 60 different modules available: Microcontrollers, RF, Storage, Sensing, LED, etc. All for Rhomb.

" Cores
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The core of the Rhomb platform is the Processor. Rhomb allows you the posibility to change the silicon (processor) between different manufacturers.

" PCB's
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Select the motherboard which more suited to your design. We have boards to accomplish the requeriments of every project.

" Others
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Displays, Peripherials, Tools, 3D files, Batteries, Prototyping, Power supliers, LCDS, Cables, Accessories… all the things you need to be succesful.


Welcome to Rhomb Wiki. Here you can find a lot of useful information related with this modular system. Schmetatics, datasheets, downloads, software building instructions, OS installation steps... all you need to start enjoying.

Useful places at this wiki

Here you can find useful resources. For example a list with all the new articles or all the articles of this Wiki. You can read the mediawiki help to find useful tips about writing articles and wiki syntax. You can use the "testing area" article to make tests, or try new experiences.

Useful Rhomb resources

Here you have hyperlinks to interesting places. At Rhomb website you can buy any modules or Rhomb devices and have a lot of information. You can also review the sourcecode of the software at Rhomb Github. Feel free to visit us or send a message at the social networks.

Rhomb Website

.. Rhomb Github . Twitter . Facebook